Solfège Materials

HNU Kodály Center American Folk Song Collection and online collection (kodá

Peter Erdei, 150 American Folk Songs to sing, read and play. Boosey & Hawkes, 1975

The Kodály Center of America, My Singing Bird, 150 Folk Songs from the Anglo-American, African-American, English, Scottish and Irish Traditions. The Kodály Institute at Capital University, 2002

Eleanor G. Locke, Sail Away, 155 American Folk Songs to sing, read and play. Boosey & Hawkes, 1981

Kodály, Zoltán (all published by Boosey & Hawkes)

333 Elementary Exercises
Pentatonic Music Vol. I: 100 Hungarian Folk Songs
Bicinia Hungarica Vol. I
Let Us Sing Correctly
24 Little Canons on the Black Keys

Bacon, Denise

185 Unison Pentatonic Exercises
50 Easy Two-Part Exercises
46 Two-Part American Folk Songs (reproducible)

Masterworks Press, 6706 Miner Drive SW, Tumwater, WA 98512-7259

Mícheál Houlihan and Philip Tacka, Sound Thinking, Music for Sight-Singing and Ear Training, Volumes 1 and 2, Boosey & Hawkes, 1991

Matthew Walsh, Walsh Sight Reading Exercises, 2008,

Edgar Crowe, The Folk Song Sight Singing Series, Books 1-7 (unison), Books 8-9 (two-part.)  Oxford University Press, 1933, 1961


Anne Laskey, Curriculum and materials as presented at Holy Names University (HNU) in Kodály Pedagogy and Folk Music courses, circa 1999-2003

Hegyi, Erzsébet, Solfège According to the Kodály Concept, Volumes I and II, Zoltán Kodály Pedagogical Institute of Music, Kecskemét, 1975 (I), 1979 (II).  Out of print. (Used copies can be found online.)

Mícheál Houlihan and Philip Tacka, Kodaly Today, A Cognitive Approach to Elementary Music Education, 2008, Oxford University Press.

Kreuger, Carol, Progressive Sight Singing, Second Edition, Oxford University Press, 2011

Sletto, Thomas, 2011, A Comparison of Rhythm Syllables and a Recommendation, Kodály Envoy, Spring 2011.


Rhythm Flash Cards
Four flash cards per 8.5 x 11 sheet. Four different sets. Free

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