Resound Ensemble- Artistic Director

Resound Ensemble Artistic Director Position Description June 2018

Resound Ensemble, a chamber chorus of volunteer mixed voices based in San Francisco, seeks

applicants for the part-time position of Artistic Director to lead the organization in its seventh

year of existence.

Our mission statement: Resound Ensemble is a community of singers sharing intimate,

engaging performances with audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are committed to an

eclectic repertoire that connects today’s audience to the human experience through song. To

learn more:

The Artistic Director executes the artistic mission and vision of Resound Ensemble and is

responsible for the leadership and direction of all performance aspects of the organization. The

Artistic Director reports to and is accountable to the Board of Directors (BOD). The Chair of the

BOD supervises the Artistic Director.

The Artistic Director is expected to collaborate on organizational matters and to actively

communicate with various committees in honoring the ensemble’s mission and vision.

Job Requirements

• Average of 10-15 hours per week (evenings and weekends)

• Weekly Wednesday evening three-hour rehearsals

• Other rehearsals—auditions, sectionals, small ensembles, dress rehearsals and retreats

(approximately 10-15 hours per month)

• Two concert series per year, with three concerts in the fall and spring

• Two fundraiser concert previews per year

• Two performances during church services at Noe Valley Ministry per year (this gives us a

discount on the fees to use the church for our performances)

• Monthly two-hour BOD meetings, weekly one-hour meetings with the BOD Chair

• Personal rehearsal preparation as needed

• Job begins August 1st, 2018

• Salary is $1250/month for 12 months – this is a full-year position

Artistic Management

• Provides overall artistic leadership and direction for Resound Ensemble and small


• Programming:

Resound Ensemble Artistic Director Position 2

• Chooses and programs all musical repertoire.

• Curates programming consistent with Resound Ensemble’s mission and identity that

inspires and moves audiences.

• Selects a balanced repertoire that serves to attract and retain members and

supportive audiences.

• Selects works that offer opportunities for musical growth, yet remain appropriate to

the skill set of singing members.

• Commissions new works and arrangements.

• Seeks out new musical partnerships and opportunities.

• Plans and directs all Resound Ensemble rehearsals:

• Prepares seasonal rehearsal schedules in collaboration with the BOD.

• Leads all musical rehearsals, and arranges for a replacement director in the event of

a planned absence.

• Manages rehearsal time appropriately, ensuring that ensembles are adequately

prepared for performance.

• Conducts rehearsals in a manner promoting musical growth and vocal health.

• Plans and directs all concerts and performances.

• Supervises all artistic aspects of concert planning and production in collaboration with

the Production Committee.

• Schedules and conducts twice-yearly auditions of new potential members, and conducts

yearly auditions of all current members.

• Schedules and conducts auditions for small ensembles and soloists.

• Selects, schedules, and provides direction for all paid and volunteer artistic personnel,

including accompanist, section leaders, and guest musicians.

Board and Committee Relations

• Serves as an ex-officio advisory member of the BOD:

• Assists with balancing the artistic goals with budgetary considerations.

• Provides monthly Artistic Director reports to the BOD.

• Attends monthly BOD meetings.

• Works collaboratively and creatively with the BOD.

• Selects performance venues in collaboration with the Production Committee.

• Meets and communicates regularly with the Chair of the BOD.

Financial Management

• Works with the BOD to manage the artistic aspects of the budget, including purchasing

music and contracting musicians

• Participates in annual budget planning process.

• Advises the BOD regarding artistic elements in the preparation of grant applications.

Public Relations

• Serves as a spokesperson for Resound Ensemble.

• Participates in donor outreach

Resound Ensemble Artistic Director Position 3

• Makes announcements during concerts regarding program, soloists, commissions, and

other artistic aspects of the performance.

• Attends all post-concert receptions.

• Participates in community activities that advance the mission of the ensemble.

• Provides input on Resound Ensemble’s design, branding, and public image.

Membership Relations

• Complies with and enforces Resound Ensemble policies and guidelines.

• Manages the ensemble’s expectations and communicates with members regularly

through rehearsal announcements and timely emails.

• Responds to communications and concerns of members in a timely manner.

• Welcomes feedback and input regarding repertoire while retaining authority as director.


• Minimum three years of experience directing or working with a community-based

ensemble and with singers of various musical skills and experience.

• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in music.

• Training in choral conducting, with the ability to communicate his or her musical

interpretation through gesture and conducting technique, and through verbal


• Demonstrated knowledge of various musical styles, music theory, and music history.

• Superior aural skills.

• Comprehensive knowledge of the voice.

• Able to effectively work with accompanists and other instrumentalists.

• Facility with languages, and a command of choral diction and articulation.

Personal Qualities

• Is a visionary, a motivator, a creative thinker, and a hard worker

• Has integrity and engenders trust, on and off the podium

• Is a team builder and diplomat who understands and successfully navigates small- and

large-group dynamics

• Is disciplined, inquisitive, and a life-long learner

• Exhibits confidence and has the strength to make difficult choices and to argue

persuasively for those choices

• Is able to inspire musicians to communicate, through music, to their audiences

• Brings joy, enthusiasm, and passion to the music-making process

Please send your resume and cover letter to

We welcome video of you in action, as well as your vision for a concert program as optional

attachments to your resume.


Please send your resume and cover letter to

We welcome video of you in action, as well as your vision for a concert program as optional

attachments to your resume.