Pinewood School: 3rd-6th Grade Music Teacher

Pinewood School in Los Altos is seeking a 3rd through 6th Grade music teacher who would be responsible for developing in each student an interest in and the ability for creative expression and performance through music, using skills and techniques of musical expression consistent with school guidelines. Pinewood uses the Orff Schulwerk approach and the Kodaly method in our music classes and would be interested in a teacher who has been trained or who would be willing to be trained in these methods.  The music teaching position is during school hours and pays 70% of a work week salary including benefits with an additional $1,000 - $2,000 a month for directing the choir depending on the number of students who sign up. The music teacher is also a member of the Pinewood Middle Campus faculty and as such is responsible for supervision duties, substituting for colleagues when necessary, attending all faculty meetings, and other required meetings, and participating in professional development experiences in accordance to the Middle Campus guidelines and expectations.

The 3rd-6th grade music teacher will be expected to do the following:

  • Explore pitch, melody, and harmony with students through singing, ear training, and solfege.

  • Teach students to play, create, and sing music as an ensemble.

  • Introduce students different types of music from various cultures and time periods.

  • Coordinate with History Department to provide reinforcement through music of the time period being studied.

  • Help students to identify musical elements such as rhythm, meter, melody, phrase, form, and dynamics.

  • Instruct students about how to compose and notate original music.

  • Help students have an appreciation and recognition of folk music from around the world.

  • Expose students to great composers and their signature works.

  • Develop student’s performance skills and audience etiquette through classroom recitals and school concerts.

  • Teach simple improvisation techniques using the pentatonic scale.

  • Instruct how to sight read rhythmic notation using whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes.

  • Instruct students in proper care and use of musical equipment.

  • Keep the music room organized, including instruments, to prevent loss or abuse, and to minimize time required for distribution and collection.

  • Select and order music, instructional materials, instruments, instructional aids, supplies, etc. and maintain required inventory records.

  • Communicate with parents on student progress.

  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned by Administration.

  • Conduct a 3rd-6th extracurricular choir that will perform at school assemblies, rest homes, community events, and school concerts.

For more information or to apply, please contact Laura Blotter, Curriculum Coordinator, at